GPU caps viewer shows "not the primary openGL gpu"

Started by luckycat, April 07, 2023, 04:33:47 AM

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When using HD4000 of i7 3770 and GPU p106, GPU caps viewer shows "not the primary openGL gpu" for p106 and openGL 4.0 for HD4000,how can i make p106 to be primary openGL gpu?
Other information´╝Ü
1.GPUZ shows openGL 4.0 for both HD4000 and p106.
2.P106 is still not primary openGL gpu and GDI generic is openGL 1.1 when disable HD4000.
3.P106 can be primary openGL gpu on remote desktop by another computer when disable HD4000.


Switch GPU's via Windows control panel:

system->screen->graphics->add desktop app->search

This works with:
GPU Caps Viewer
OpenGL Extensions Viewer 6 | realtech VR
OpenGL Hardware Capability Viewer 1.2

but not with GPU-Z (i told the author ages ago, he said he has some trouble with that).


The solution doesn't work for furmark which always running on HD4000.