Intel Core i9-13900KS, first 6GHz CPU Launched at $700

Started by JeGX, January 12, 2023, 06:56:49 PM

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Intel has launched today the Core i9-13900KS (13th Gen Raptor Lake), the first CPU to reach 6GHz (boost clock) without overclocking. The power limit has been increased too: 150W (base power) up to 253W (max power). This CPU has 8 performance cores (base: 3GHz,  boost: 6GHz) and 16 efficient cores (base: 2.2GHz, boost: 4.3GHz).

The MSRP is $699 or 799 EUR and the Core i9-13900KS will be available beginning tomorrow.

Intel Core i9-13900KS

QuoteIntel today announced full details and availability for the new 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-13900KS, the world's fastest desktop processor1. It delivers up to 6.0 gigahertz (GHz) max turbo frequency out of the box – the first processor in the PC industry to cross that threshold at stock – to power world-class gaming and creating experiences for desktop enthusiasts.

The unlocked i9-13900KS processor represents a major milestone in the PC industry – bringing faster speeds than before to enthusiast desktop users. In addition to 24 cores, it delivers up to 6.0 GHz max turbo frequency and 36MB Intel® Smart Cache for incredible performance in gaming and content creation workloads.

Key features and capabilities of the i9-13900KS include:

- Up to 6.0 GHz max turbo frequency with Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost – the first CPU in the PC industry to reach 6.0 GHz without overclocking.

- Intel Adaptive Boost Technology for improved gaming performance by opportunistically allowing higher multicore turbo frequencies.

- 24 cores (eight Performance-cores and 16 Efficient-cores), 32 threads, 150W processor base power, 36MB Intel Smart Cache and a total of 20 PCIe lanes (16 PCIe 5.0 and four PCIe 4.0 lanes).

- Up to DDR5 5600 MT/s and DDR4 3200 MT/s support.

- Compatible with Z790 and Z690 motherboards, with the latest BIOS recommended for the best gaming and content creation experience.

The i9-13900KS processor allows gamers and enthusiasts to take performance to the next level.

Press release: