Microsoft DX Compiler release for December 2022

Started by Stefan, December 18, 2022, 12:31:11 PM

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DX Compiler release for December 2022.

  • Includes full support of HLSL 2021 for SPIRV generation as well as many HLSL 2021 fixes and enhancements:
    • HLSL 2021's
      or and
      select intrinsics are now exposed in all language modes. This was done to ease porting codebases to HLSL2021, but may cause name conflicts in existing code.
    • Improved template utility with user-defined types
    • Many additional bug fixes
  • Linux binaries are now included. This includes the compiler executable, the dynamic library, and the dxil signing library.
  • New flags for inspecting compile times:
    • -ftime-report flag prints a high level summary of compile time broken down by major phase or pass in the compiler. The DXC command line will print the output to stdout.
    • -ftime-trace flag prints a Chrome trace json file. The output can be routed to a specific file by providing a filename to the arguent using the format
      -ftime-trace=<filename>. Chrome trace files can be opened in Chrome by loading the built-in tracing tool at chrome://tracing. The trace file captures hierarchial timing data with additional context enabling a much more in-depth profiling experience.
    • Both new options are supported via the DXC API using the
      DXC_OUT_TIME_TRACE output kinds respectively.
  • IDxcPdbUtils2 enables reading new PDB container part
  • -P flag will now behave as it does with cl using the file specified by
    -Fi or a default
  • Unbound multidimensional resource arrays are allowed
  • Diagnostic improvements
  • Reflection support on non-Windows platforms; minor updates adding RequiredFeatureFlags to library function reflection and thread group size for AS and MS.
The package includes dxc.exe, dxcompiler.dll, corresponding lib and headers, and dxil.dll for x64 and arm64 platforms on Windows. For the first time the package also includes Linux version of the compiler with corresponding executable,, headers, and for x64 platforms.
This DX compiler release is also available as a NuGet package Microsoft.Direct3D.DXC.
The new DirectX 12 Agility SDK and a hardware driver with appropriate support are required to run shader model 6.7 shaders. Please see for details.
The SPIR-V backend of the compiler has been enabled in this release. Please note that Microsoft does not perform testing/verification of the SPIR-V backend.