Moore Threads MTT S80 Graphics Card Announced

Started by JeGX, November 03, 2022, 09:34:18 PM

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The Chinese company Moore Threads announced its new graphics card, the MTT S80:

(warning: it's a google translation of the Chinese press release...)
QuoteThe MTT S80 game display card is equipped with the complete "Spring Dream" chip core, with 4096 MUSA flow processing core built in. Under the main frequency of 1.8GHz, it can provide 14.4TFLOPS single-precision floating point calculus.MTT S80 not only provides gaming players with strong 3D rendering capabilities, but also provides students and researchers with complete GPU capabilities in artificial intelligence, general computing, and multimedia processing.

Super HD game:MTT S80 is the first domestic display card product to support Windows environment and DirectX graphical interface; at the same time, it also supports mainstream graphical interfaces such as Vulkan, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES. This means that MTT S80 can meet the game needs of the player group. Through the offensive at the driving level, the Windows drive of MTT S80 has now built up the MUSA DirectX Driver module, and has completed the 《 Dark Destruction God 3》, 《 Hero Alliance 》 and 《 Crossing the flames 》 and other dozens of mainstream games.

At the conference site, Moore Line Lotor demonstrated the running effect of the smooth game brought by MTT S80. Currently, Moore's range is collaborating deeply with game engine developers such as Unreal and Unity, as well as domestic top game developers such as Tenor games, Open games, Xishanju, Perfect World, 360 games, etc., in order to provide better and Faster support allows players to obtain a continuously updated 3A-level game experience. In the future, Moore's thread will continue to update Windows drive and MUSA DirectX versions to achieve more game compatibility and performance optimization.

- PCIe 5.0 interface: MTT S80 is the industry's first display card equipped with a PCIe Gen5 interface, and can achieve downward compatibility of the interface; the display interface specification is PCIe 5.0 x16, with two-way 128GB/s data transmission capabilities. The high bandwidth provided by PCIe 5.0 further eliminates the communication bottleneck between GPU and the system. In practical applications, the PCIe 5.0 x16 bus can significantly reduce the loading time of the data required for the attende, material and other GPU operations, and reduce the occurrence of the Caton phenomenon. Create a better experience for games and other applications.
- 16GB GDDR6 high-speed apparent storage: MTT S80 is equipped with a large-capacity high-speed storage of 16GB GDDR6, which fully meets the needs of PC game exquisite painting for data storage and high-speed transmission, helps MTT S80 load more ultra-high-definition materials, thereby reducing the number of content loads and reducing the apparent lack of capacity The resulting problems with frequent cartons and insufficient frame rates. The higher operating frequency and apparent bandwidth brought by the GDDR6 specifications can further improve the core operating efficiency and help unleash the full performance potential.

- 8K Super HD display: The MTT S80 Card is equipped with 3 DisplayPort 1.4a interfaces and 1 HDMI 2.1 interface. On the basis of supporting the 1080P 360Hz screen, it can also export 4 roads 7680*4320@30Hz 8K ultra-high-definition screen; in addition, with the help of MST multi-yard transmission technology,MTT S80 can also transmit 4-channel video tunnels at the same time in a single DisplayPort 1.4a interface. Extreme multi-screen drive capabilities can provide players and business users with extremely high-definition multi-screen experiences. At the same time, the built-in MUSA smart multimedia engine 2.0 can provide hardware decoding capabilities in mainstream coding formats such as AV1, H.265, H.264, and VP9, bringing twice the decoding capabilities and 4 times the coding capabilities. In actual use, MTT S80 can smoothly broadcast 1080P 30fps video on 1st and 8K or 32nd.

- Multifunctional GPU experience: In addition to the basic graphic image rendering and video decoding functions, MTT S80 can also provide complete AI training and reasoning, general calculations, GPU virtualization, and Android container cloud acceleration. MTT S80 built 128 volume calculation cores and provided complete support to the self-researched TensorX reasoning engine of Moore range, so that it can show strong performance in applications such as AI and general computing.

In practical applications, MTT S80 can support various mainstream in-depth learning frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Baidu flyer (PaddlePaddle), and has accelerated dozens of in-depth learning algorithms.

- PES(Perfect Experience System) Control Center: PES is a Moore line designed for users to control graphical card functions, modify settings, and obtain portal applications that drive updates. The software provides the function of quickly modifying the display output setting and multi-screen setting to help users understand the current GPU load status, and can display frame rate, GPU load and other information in real time in the game to realize the " key screenshot " in the game, Easy access to the latest officially released drive programs and game configuration files and other functions,It is designed to help users gain a friendly Moore range display card application experience.

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"Moore Threads MTT S80 Graphics Card"


Expreview has tested the MTT S80:

"Moore Threads MTT S80"

Funny, the reviewer has used some old graphics tests (from old GPU Test app):
"Moore Threads MTT S80"

Looks like FurMark is not compatible with the MTT 80... But at the same time, the reviewer has posted a score with FurMark. Weird... It's not clear what is the version of FurMark used in different tests.
QuoteThe graphics card power consumption test uses the PCAT tool provided by NVIDIA, which can accurately measure the actual power of the graphics card PCI-E and external power interface. But at present, the MTT S80 graphics card cannot run Furmark under WIndows. It is currently observed that the highest GPU load is Unigine Valley, but the GPU load is only about 90%. In addition, the MTT S80 has not yet provided power consumption control function, so the current GPU frequency in standby It cannot be lowered, resulting in very high standby power consumption. Currently, this function is still under test, and it will be added to the graphics card in the future to realize the switching of power consumption states in different application scenarios.

The average power consumption of the Moore Thread MTT S80 under load is 210.5W, while the peak power consumption is 240.4W, and the average power consumption during standby is 114.6W, which is absolutely problematic. Low, of course, the GPU is not fully loaded at this time, and the standby temperature is 44°C.