[Furmark]if Furmark can support support on Windows ARM or not?

Started by jerry1.huang, September 28, 2022, 11:52:14 AM

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We plan to use Furmark for Test on ARM platform and Windows ARM OS.
 Would you please help confirm if Furmark tool can support windows ARM OS on ARM platform?


FurMark is developed on x86 Windows platform for x86 Windows platform. It is not compatible with Windows on ARM unless there is a translation layer that allows x86 code to run on ARM processor (something like Rosetta for Apple M1). Some of my tools (GeeXLab) can run on ARM processors if the OS is macOS or Raspberry Pi OS.


Got it.
Thanks for your great support.
If any other tools can be use on ARM platform+Windows ARM OS to add GPU loading  for Graphic FPS or performance assessment?
Thank you!