AMD Radeon Raytracing Analyzer 1.0

Started by JeGX, August 04, 2022, 02:29:34 PM

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The Radeon Raytracing Analyzer (RRA) is a tool designed to help improve the raytracing performance of AMD GPU's that support raytracing. The tool thus far focuses on the visualization of the Acceleration Structures, which consist of Bounding Volume Hierarchies.

QuoteWe're very excited to announce a new addition to our Radeon™ Developer Tool Suite – Radeon Raytracing Analyzer (RRA). The switch from rasterization to raytracing requires a shift in how the developer should organize the model geometries in their scenes. RRA can help developers understand this shift and show areas in the scene that could require optimization.

What does it do?

RRA sets out to allow you to answer a set of questions about how raytracing is used in your application. These questions are things like:

- How much memory are my acceleration structures using?
- How complex are my BVHs?
- How efficiently is my geometry packed into my acceleration structures?
- Are any of my acceleration structures overlapping, and if so, by how much?
- How many acceleration structures am I using?
- Have I set the correct build/instance flags for my acceleration structures?
- Is there any redundant information in my acceleration structures?
- Is the geometry in my BLASes axis-aligned as much as possible?

How does it work?

RRA is able to work because our Radeon™ Software driver engineers have been hard at work, adding raytracing support to our Developer Driver technology. This means that once your application is running in developer mode – using the Radeon™ Developer Panel which ships with RRA – the driver can log all of the acceleration structures in a scene with a single button click. The Radeon™ Raytracing Analyzer tool can then load and interrogate the data generated by the driver, presenting it in an easy-to-understand way.

- Announcement
- RRA homepage
- Source code @ github
- RRA 1.0 download

AMD Radeon Raytracing Analyzer