Furmark experience.

Started by Ken62465, June 16, 2022, 06:15:05 AM

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Good lord my experience with Furmark was beyond terrible.  I made the mistake of not doing a screen capture of my own benchmark results.  I assembled a new system today and wanted to compare results to what I posted just last week.

If I click "Compare your score" it brings me to this thing...
Compare your score
ummm...the url claims it's 10yrs old.  The first listing is 2yrs old but next item is then 3yrs old beyond that..holy hell.

"Link of the day" brings me to a 1.5yr old url in...
say what?
Da hell is that?

"Online scores" brings me to a current listing for TODAY but with NO means to view any page2 data or beyond.  Did I miss it?

Frankly I found Furmarks database to be a total mess and maybe you frequent users can solve these issues but for a newb it was the MOST UN-INTUITIVE thing I've ever seen.  Sadly I removed it and was done with it.


LOL..I found it funny I have to answer a trick question from here...

No forum I know adheres to that trick/BS..funny as hell tbh. 72..gee must I enter for every post?  gay!!!


Yep, I will try to improve the FurMark experience in the next days/weeks, starting with the online scores with ranking as I did several years ago.