Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers (GPA) 2022.2 Released

Started by JeGX, July 02, 2022, 02:01:36 PM

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Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel GPA) is a toolset for graphics performance analysis and optimization of games and other graphics-intensive applications. Intel GPA is available on Windows and Ubuntu hosts.

What's new?
Quote- Enhanced API call logging to include not just API calls, but also parameter values.
- Enabled highly configurable frame-level metrics collection that allows you to select particular metrics sets or particular metrics from those sets.
- Analyze query-based, frame-level metrics for all available metrics on your platform with gpa-metrics-collector.exe.
- Added support for the latest stable build of the Microsoft DirectX Agility SDK (DirectX 12 Agility SDK, v602).
- Improved support for Microsoft Direct3D 11 workloads that add three new experiments:
  - Custom NxN and x,y scissor rect Experiment;
  - Highlight Experiment;
  - Wireframe Highlight Experiment.

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