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Started by JeGX, June 15, 2022, 05:48:59 PM

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QuoteToday LunarG released new Windows, Linux, and macOS SDKs for Vulkan header 1.3.216 that include the AMD Memory Allocator, Validation Layer Fine-Grained Locking by default, vkconfig enhancements, and new extensions, including enhancements for the Portability Enumeration extension for the macOS SDK. The prior SDK supported Vulkan header 1.3.211.

New Features Added to all SDKs
- AMD Memory Allocator
- Validation Layer Fine-Grained Locking is enabled by default. See the Fine Grain Locking documentation.
- Vkconfig has been enhanced so as not to emit an error when all layers are not the same version

List of the New Extensions in the SDK
Note that extensions are optional and may not be implemented by the underlying driver/ICD. Applications can now query for the presence of these new features:
- VK_KHR_fragment_shader_barycentric
- VK_AMD_shader_early_and_late_fragment_tests
- VK_EXT_image_compression_control
- VK_EXT_pipeline_properties
- VK_EXT_subpass_merge_feedback
- VK_KHR_ray_tracing_maintenance1

- Download (win64) @ Geeks3D
- Download (all OSes) @ LunarG
- Announcement