New here.. trying to figure this out

Started by Gobs117, July 24, 2022, 04:49:54 AM

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I am running a 2080ti however regardless of the PC I put it in, one with i5, another with either i7 - it seems to get overworked and the fans are just constant and override even MSI.

I ran the FurMark software, and I'm not sure I understand what it says to be honest and I am not overly technical so my apologies if I'm missing anything obvious. Someone mentioned running this software to maybe understand what could be wrong with my system.

What kind of information would be helpful? I ran a few benchmarks and it seems to keep getting worse and worse each time.. but the gpu seems to be struggling a bit more each time so I will give it a rest for tonight.

Here are the tests I jsut ran. Thanks for any kind of assistance!