Author Topic: Cudapad - quick place to test your CUDA kernels  (Read 6324 times)

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Cudapad - quick place to test your CUDA kernels
« on: November 06, 2009, 11:56:19 AM »
Cudapad is a software that helps developments develop and test small kernals for NVidia’s© Cuda© language. Sometimes in your IDE you’ll want a quick way build or test a piece of Cuda code and CudaPad lets you do it.  It shows the ptx code, cubin code, register count, error and more on the fly.  There is no need to manually compile your code.

To use cudapad just type or paste some Cuda code in the left panel.  After this is done then the PTX(or Cubin) code is shown in the right window with convenient connector lines that help match up the source code to the PTX code.  Below the PTX code you will see more information about your kernel including memory usage and register usage.  And below the source code window you’ll see code errors.