CHUNGUS 2 - A very powerful 1Hz Minecraft CPU

Started by Stefan, December 22, 2021, 11:24:04 AM

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CHUNGUS 2: Electric Boogaloo - A Minecraft CPU capable of running Tetris, snake, connect 4, graph rendering... and more!

CHUNGUS stands for Computational Humongous Unconventional Number and Graphics Unit by Sammyuri.
The CPU is also very large.
In order to achieve a 10 tick clock speed despite its enormous size, the CPU makes use of techniques such as an instruction pipeline, automatic data cache and simple branch prediction.


CPU specs
- 8 bit data, 16 bit fixed size instruction length
- 1Hz clock speed, 4 stage instruction pipeline (fetch - decode - execute - writeback)
- 64 byte automatic 8-way associative data cache and 256 bytes RAM
- Up to 256 addressable I/O ports
- 7 general purpose registers
- Over 40 ALU functions, including a hardware barrel shifter, multiplier, divider and square rooter
- 32x128 byte program pages for a total of 4KiB program storage

Other hardware used in video
- 32x32 buffered pixel screen, draw and erase pixels, rectangles, up to 8 4x4 sprites
- 12x2 character ASCII text display
- 2x 8-bit integer display (signed or unsigned)
- 8-input NES-style controller
- 3 bit pseudo-RNG