MSI Kombustor 4.1.14 Control Panel bug

Started by flotowiec, November 24, 2021, 08:55:10 PM

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Control Panel in  MSI-01 is not clickable for me.
Display GPU monitor graph - i can click it only on loading screen, then same thing happen.

Working well on v4.1.7.0


Is there any error message in c:\Program Files\Geeks3D\MSI Kombustor 4 x64\_kombustor_log.txt ?


Looks like a bug in Kombustor. I will look at the issue and fix it.


Quote from: JeGX on November 30, 2021, 03:03:10 PMBug fixed in Kombustor 4.1.15:,7065.0.html quordle

Thanks for the feedback!

One way to fix this issue is by setting a custom resolution for your monitor. This will enable you to change the screen resolution without having to go into advanced mode. By changing the resolution, you can set a smaller font size for more accurate display. Be sure that you change the resolution correctly so that your game still looks good at lower resolutions.