NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix display driver 496.98

Started by Stefan, November 25, 2021, 06:09:55 PM

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 GeForce hotfix display driver version 496.98 is based on NVIDIA's latest Game Ready Driver 496.76.
   The hotfix addresses the following issues:

  • [YouTube]: The YouTube web site randomly displays extreme contrast/gamma while idle or during video playback. [3420164]
  • [Notebook]: Black screen may be observed on some Optimus notebooks with 1440p/165hz panels when in discrete GPU mode [3426730]
  • Games do not launch correctly on GeForce GTX 750 Ti when NVIDIA Image Scaling is enabled [3442778]
  • Using Adaptive Vertical Sync while G-SYNC is enabled may result in random black screen [3437003]
  • [Red Dead Redemption 2/Doom Eternal]: The game crashes with TDR or the system crashes while running the game. [200766423]
Click here to download the GeForce hotfix display driver for Windows 10 x64/ Windows 11 x64