NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK v1.0

Started by Stefan, November 16, 2021, 08:36:04 PM

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The NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK provides a single spatial scaling and sharpening algorithm for cross-platform support. The scaling algorithm uses a 6-tap scaling filter combined with 4 directional scaling and adaptive sharpening filters, which creates nice smooth images and sharp edges. In addition, the SDK provides a state-of-the-art adaptive directional sharpening algorithm for use in applications where no scaling is required.
The directional scaling and sharpening algorithm is named NVScaler while the adaptive-directional-sharpening-only algorithm is named NVSharpen. Both algorithms are provided as compute shaders and developers are free to integrate them in their applications. Note that if you integrate NVScaler, you should NOT integrate NVSharpen, as NVScaler already includes a sharpening pass