Test a GPU with FurMark while not using that GPU

Started by Mornagest, November 28, 2021, 11:45:57 AM

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I'm experiencing problems with my GPU: it causes both my systems (Windows 7 and Xubuntu 20.04) to freeze after logo display. It is a MSI nVidia GTX 760.

I plugged the GPU on another computer and the symptom is the same.

My motherboard has an Intel chipset so I can still use my computer, so I am doing by now.

But as I would like to be sure what is the precise cause of that freeze, I would like to test the GPU with FurMark.

Anyway, while I can boot up Windows 7 with the GPU plugged but the mobo chipset priority for display, FurMark doesn't recognize the GPU and the device manager tells me the GPU has a problem (nothing more). On Xubuntu, the system won't boot up.

So, is there any chance I can run some test with that card plugged in but using the Intel chipset to display something on my screen (and being able to run any system)?

I hope my question is clear enough :-[

Thank you in advance for your answers!