NVIDIA Vulkan 1.2.194 developer driver 472.55

Started by Stefan, November 03, 2021, 05:40:41 AM

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 Windows driver version 472.55 and Linux driver version 470.62.07 contain newly released Vulkan features and bug fixes for Vulkan developers.

Windows 472.55
Linux 470.62.07
Vulkan Beta Driver Release Updates   November 2nd, 2021 - Windows 472.55, Linux 470.62.07

  • New:
  • Fixes:

    • Fixed a regression which prevented DisplayPort and HDMI 2.1 variable refresh rate (VRR) G-SYNC Compatible monitors from functioning correctly in variable refresh rate mode, resulting in issues such as flickering [Linux]
    • Optimized the Vulkan fullscreen presentation path for X11 and direct-to-display swapchains [Linux]
    • Fixed a compiler bug with Ray Tracing shaders which could cause shader execution timeouts, resulting in device loss