Furmark setup parameters

Started by EJ42, October 28, 2021, 02:46:26 AM

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Is there a good explanation of what each of the setup parameters in the Furmark GUI do?  Maybe a pinned post could help with that.

When I first click on Settings, it has the burn in option checked, but not the xtreme one.  What I'm wondering is what exactly happens if I uncheck burn in, and leave both of them unchecked?  Does that reduce the stress on my GPU?  I am just trying to run something non-stop on a GPU to verify that it's stable, but I don't want to stress it like crazy.  I've been running it with both burn in settings unchecked on an old RTX 2080 Super for over three hours now, and the temp has not passed 73C.  It's averaging around 71C.  I'm wondering if that's expected, if the burn in setting would push that higher, and if xtreme would be even worse.

According to the overlay, my GPU is reading "core: 1800MHz/72 C/94%, mem: 7750MHz/5%, GPU power:100% TDP, fan: 74%, limits:[power:1, temp:0, volt:0, OV:0]"