Intel Alder Lake CPUs Launch Date

Started by JeGX, September 27, 2021, 05:21:57 PM

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Intel plans to launch new Alder Lake CPUs on November 4th 2021.
Alder Lake CPUs will use a new LGA 1700 socket and a new Z690 chipset.
Three processors (K-series with iGPU) will be launched:
- Core i9-12900K (8C+8c / 24T, 125W TDP)
- Core i7-12700K (8C+4c / 20T, 125W TDP)
- Core i5-12600K (6C+4c / 16T, 125W TDP)

KF-series (without iGPU) will be launched at the same time.



Intel 12th Gen Core Series (Alder Lake-S):
- Core i9-12900K: USD $589
- Core i7-12700K: USD $409
- Core i5-12600K: USD $289