gpu usage in stress test

Started by rehanov, October 05, 2021, 09:51:18 PM

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i just downloaded furmark to make a stress test
i have acer nitro laptop , and vga cars is rtx 2060
and my question here is during the gpu stress test for 15 minutes the usage is about 94% to 96% it never hits 100%
is that normal or it means the card is not fully efficient


What is the resolution? Are your clock speeds ok (aren't they down-clocked the the NV driver)?
An usage of 99% is something normal with a TDP near to 100%.


Max Dralle

You could use Afterburner to increase your card's power and temperature targets.

If that doesn't get you closer to 100%, something else might be interfering and using some GPU cycles.

Reaching 100% GPU usage is not guaranteed though, but 99% should be possible.