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Started by LibertPrime8675, February 17, 2021, 06:31:31 PM

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I am currently using FurMark as part of my testing methodology for an automated script and want to use it more extensively. However, I am only able to view some of the available command-line parameters through the /? command as the window does not size itself properly (Example below). Is there any other way to view all of the available parameters or new documentation? I have been unable to find any other forum posts relating to this topic.




Sorry I don't know where you have downloaded your software but this dialog box is not from FurMark.



I downloaded FurMark straight from the main page. The dialog box is part of Windows using command prompt, however, the information provided in the dialog box is pulled straight from the software installer (i.e. FurMark).

If you type in the name of the installation .exe for FurMark in a command prompt window (Provided you are in the active directory for the stored file) and put '/?' at the end it will present you with this box. You can do this with most software installers as long as the developers bake in the command-line switches.

For example, if I had the FurMark installer stored on my C:\ drive I could 'CD' my way to it, type in the name of the .exe (FurMark.exe for example) in a command prompt window, and put /? at the end. It would look something like this.

CD "C:\"

After running the command that dialog box will come up. You can try this with other software installers as well, although it may require tweaking the command or not come up with anything at all depending on the developer.


Ok I see, you listed the help of the innosetup installer.
FurMark doesn't have a command line option to list all parameters.
There is an old article (still valid) that enumerates some of the commands:
I should update this page...


I see, thank you for clarifying! Do you know enough about that software to say if there is a way for me to view what is displayed as a simple text file? Potentially a directory I can navigate to?

Do you believe you would be updating that page sometime soon? Or is that on the backburner? This is one of the only free pieces of GPU stress testing software I can find that offers command-line control and reliable results, so the more options I have to control it with switches the better.

Max Dralle

Dunno if it's still relevant, but if you run "FurMark.exe /help", there's a window popping up listing some options, other than the ones listed on that old page.