RenderDoc 1.16 released

Started by Stefan, September 30, 2021, 06:32:55 PM

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This release is primarily a follow-up to v1.15, with the bindless feedback expanded now to support DXIL SM6.x shaders via shader patching.

One thing to note, the event browser refactor added in v1.15 had an unfortunate bug. If RenderDoc hadn't previously been used on a system and v1.15 was the first install, such that there was no configuration settings saved, the event browser would not start up with the default $action() filter to mimic the filtering from previous versions, and wouldn't have any sample filters added. v1.16 and forwards will now address this only if no filters have been configured, such that users who have started to use the filters won't see any changes but those who didn't use any filters will have the bug fixed and will see the same thing as someone who updated from before v1.15.

Binary releases are available on with zip and installer for Windows and binary tarball for linux.