Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers (GPA) v2021.3 released

Started by JeGX, September 24, 2021, 03:16:38 PM

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Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel GPA) provides tools for graphics analysis and optimizations for making games and other graphics-intensive applications run even faster. The tools support the platforms based on the latest generations of Intel Core and Intel Atom processor families, for applications developed for Windows, Ubuntu, or macOS.

Intel GPA provides a common and integrated user interface for collecting performance data. Using it, you can quickly see performance opportunities in your application, saving time and getting products to market faster.

Intel GPA supports Direct3D, Vulkan and OpenGL.

What's New: Release 2021.3
- Open a frame from multiqueue Microsoft DirectX* 12 applications using the Multiframe View window and analyze a frame in detail.
- Search through and select resources quickly using the updated central panel for stream and frame captures.
- Visualize the state structure for stream files in a way that is similar to the structure of DirectX 12 headers using the new combined state view for pipeline state objects (PSO) and non-PSOs.

- Added functionality to the Intel GPA framework:
--- Capture, replay, and analyze streams from workloads that use the Sampler Feedback and Mesh Shaders feature of DirectX 12 Ultimate.
--- Improved support for deferred stream capture and playback for Direct3D* 12 applications.

- Release notes
- Downloads
- Graphics Trace Analyzer
- Graphics Frame Analyzer
- System Analyzer