GPU-Z 2.42 released

Started by JeGX, September 24, 2021, 03:01:43 PM

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Added support for Intel Alder Lake and Tiger Lake Server
Added display of NVIDIA low hashrate status in GPU name field, e.g. GA102 (LHR)
Added support for new RTX 3060 variant based on GA104
Added support for resizable BAR detection on Radeon RX 5000 Series
Added command line parameter -log, which, when followed by a filename, sets the sensor log filename and begins logging once GPU-Z has started
Improved EVGA iCX sensor reading stability
Radeon HD 5000 Series cards will now display the ATI logo
Fixed AMD Navi 2x not showing as DirectX 12_2 compatible
Fixed crash during screenshots
Fixed crash in render test
Fixed crash on some systems while preparing Resizable BAR report
Fixed memory clock readings on some AMD APUs
Added release date for Intel Tiger Lake
Added support for NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti Mobile (GA106), T1200 Mobile, GRID K340, GRID M30, Q12U-1
Added support for AMD Radeon Pro W6800X, Barco MXRT-8700

- Download @ Geeks3D
- Download @ TPU