NVIDIA CUDA on WSL developer driver 510.06

Started by Stefan, September 01, 2021, 10:07:59 PM

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 NVIDIA Drivers for CUDA on WSL, including DirectML Support

   Through WSL2 and GPU paravirtualization technology, developers can run NVIDIA GPU accelerated Linux applications on Windows. The technology preview driver available here on developer zone includes support for CUDA and Direct ML. This driver is available to Microsoft Windows Insiders Program. members directly through Windows Update also. We encourage you to get the latest Windows Insider Program WSL2 driver directly through the Windows Update program whenever possible

Kepler support has been removed from INF's. However, kernel mode driver still contains GK100 functions and runtimes still expose SM3.x
In theory you can use NVCleanstall to install this driver on Kepler. Any guinea pig out there?

CUDA 11.6 - so it does not tease Ada Lovelace architecture

Vulkan API 1.2.188

Driver branch: R510.06 bugfix_main-17176