Author Topic: 5900x OC issues, System Shutting off while not overheating please help  (Read 9974 times)

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These issue have persisted BEFORE attempting to overclock with completely other builds but to keep things simple this is my current setup : 5900x, 6900xt, asus tuf gaming x570 (wifi) on latest firmware and 32gb of ram. CPU being cooled with a Kraken Z73.***SPAM_LINKS_REMOVED***

So, to begin… As all of you know, the ryzen zen 3 processors get very hot. My 5900x on default bios settings shoots up to 90+ degrees just while starting up windows and running the startup ups for a few seconds to a minute. I understand this is somewhat “normal”. To mitigate this I began overclocking and undervolting my CPU. I have tried with PBO2 and setting custom curves with starting values of 5 all the way up to 30 and no luck. Same thing. Maybe w 5 degree difference. Then I manually undervolted the cpu by .2-.26v from the original starting value of 1.416ish that it likes to sit at. I did the same thing using offset. Manual values and even trying auto. Nothing. PC STILL CRASHES WHEN under load aka playing a game. I have a Gskill 850W PSU, could this be the issue? It doesn’t seem to overheat but I cannot check this as it does not have built in sensors.

Can anyone shed some light on why my pc suddenly crashes as soon as I try to open a game up?

Thank you for any help!

Edit 1: wanted to add that my temperatures drastically drop when I change to negative offset at around .25v but system still shuts off when I load up a game. This tells me it’s definitely not an overheating issue. I have also confirmed this by setting all bios settings to default as stated above and it still crashes.
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I am not familiar with Ryzen OC, but i stumbled upon following tool the other day: