CPU goes to 100% when mouse moves

Started by vonixu, October 27, 2021, 11:52:21 PM

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I am reaching out to you today regarding the technical issues that I've been facing since reinstalling Windows 10 into my laptop. The Windows 10 downloaded from the Microsoft website and used up my USB stick to install the IOS image into Windows 10. After the Windows 10 installation, the GPU 0 (intel R UHD Graphics 630) goes from 0% to 100% and stays for about 1-2 seconds, then goes down. after just moving mouse around or openning any sort of application it does that again. When it spikes, my laptop froze, and I encounter an fps drop. The "spiking" process repeats while my GPU 1 dedicated invidia graphics card 1660TI does nothing (0 utilization).

i didn't not had any issues before installing the windows 10. everything was working fine.

Troubleshoot steps were undertaken:

  • Clean installation of Nvidia's graphics card driver and folders using graphics card driver cleaning software.
  • Letting window 10 find the drivers within the window updates.
  • Downloaded the driver from the laptop manufacturer websites and uninstalled the drivers from the laptop, restarted while the wifi was disabled, lastly I installed the manufacturer offered driver without the wifi.
  • Downloaded the benchmark software to stress-test to check for power utilization into CPU, GPU 0-1, and RAM.

Thanks in advance.


What is the brand and model name of your laptop?
Is it an old one that originally came with Windows 7?
Run DXDIAG.EXE , save all infos and post the content of dxdiag.txt here.

My first guess:
after a fresh OS installlation the virus scanner goes nuts and checks 1000000 files on the hard disk, which takes hours and hours.

Hit CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to start the task manager, sort processes by CPU usage to find the system hog.