BLACKCELL.js - modern, JS-friendly 3D rendering API over WebGL?

Started by SuttonWillow, April 05, 2021, 12:07:40 PM

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BLACKCELL.js - open-source project that provide modern, JS-friendly API for real-time 3D rendering over WebGL.

The project's aim is to give an expressive tool for rapid prototyping and publishing complex rendering techniques. It also useful for 3D-projects which require low-level API features and commonly used implementation at the same time.

The features:
- Linear algebra (vectors, rotations, transformations) and geometry primitives
- Staging graphics core (designed for custom rendering pipelines and  shaders)
- Common implementations (frustum culling, attributes & uniforms binding,  context lost handling, etc)
- WebGL Extensions supported / WebGL 2.0 oriented architecture


can you recheck on Android?
It doesn't fit the screen in landscape mode.
Also Android suggests to translate from russian???