Laptop - stress test fps not moving

Started by kyphius, December 20, 2022, 09:29:54 PM

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posted in wrong section earlier, still need help/advice:

I've tried numerous stress test apps, fps limiter is not on, controlpanelfornvidia is also set off for vsync.  not sure why as subject stated. fps remains at 40 even when i increase core clock, and memory clock on msi afterburner.

my laptop is: asus a15 - radeon integrated with Nvidia rtx 2060.

 would like to be able to see fps movement on stress test if possible for overclocking. ty



Kombustor is essentially useless for troubleshooting or comparing predicted frame rates; it is simply a power virus. And, from recollection, it will easily crush a 580 depending on the test and parameters utilized.

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According to what I can gather from your other posts, it is holding 1360mhz, which is great, the temperature is acceptable, the use is stable, and the fps ranges from 16 to 20 fps, indicating that it is not due to a software fps limiter (like in rtss).