How to run Furmark safely?

Started by Kristijan27, January 24, 2021, 08:31:27 PM

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Hi i want to ask if Furmark should be ran with custom fan speeds, lets say 70-80% before launching or with gpu fans at auto? Can it damage gpu if fans are on auto? Which is the right way?


I would say to check the GPU temperature (using GPU Shark, GPU Caps Viewer, GPU-Z or another GPU tool). As long as your GPU temperature has a correct value (for example lesser than 70°C) your graphics card should be safe...


According to ***spam link removed***, As with any stress testing software, it's as safe as the person using it. If temperatures stay within tolerance, they're perfectly fine for testing the stability and integrity of your hardware


Hello. Importantly, you should only use FurMark if you understand what it does and the implications of using it. Because FurMark is meant to push your GPU to its extreme limits, some argue that it does not represent real-world use.
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To begin, I would recommend monitoring the graphics processing unit's temperature (using GPU Shark, GPU Caps Viewer, GPU-Z or another GPU tool). Assuming your graphics card's temperature is within reasonable limits (say, below 70 degrees Celsius), you shouldn't have to worry about damaging it...

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Interesting, the bots started rephrasing lately instead of just quoting