FPS Loss with RX 480 8GB

Started by Sylus, December 05, 2020, 03:54:02 AM

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So yesterday came my brand new gaming pc and im experiencing fps drops in overwatch. My graphics card is a RX 480 8GB, it should run the game around 100 fps at ultra settings but it doesn't. As soon as i open the game i get solid 100 fps but after a couple of minutes my fps drops down to 60 fps. It doesnt go up from there and i can see that the game does not run as smoothly as it was. I tried uninstalling drivers with DDU, amd drivers uninstaller, reinstalling graphics drivers and also trying an older version but nothing seems to work.. Im running windows 10 and my monitor is connected to the graphics card via HDMI.

My computer specs: Intel core i5 6600k Gigabyte motherboard z170x gaming 3 16gb corsair ram 3200 mhz MSI Gaming X RX 480 8GB

PD: I checked out my FPS in Dota 2 and im getting average 100 FPS with maxed out settings with some fps drops to around 80 fps during fights.



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