FurMark 1.25 installer is corrupt.

Started by jvidal, January 26, 2021, 07:22:34 PM

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Well, the title says it all, the installer is corrupt. Midway through the installation, Errors start appearing, saying that "the source file is corrupted".
I hope you guys can upload the correct file ASAP.


It's been over 6 hours and you still haven't uploaded the correct installer!
C'mon guys!


The SHA256 verification doesn't pass either. I'm hoping this isn't a case where a virus was injected by some third party. I was dumb enough to run it without checking SHA or MD5 first. geeks3d, please let us know what's going on.

Defender and virustotal show clean though, so that's promising.

I hope I'm just being paranoid.


Thanks for your feedbacks.
You're right to be paranoid.

I just checked the download and hashcodes and indeed there was a problem...
The correct MD5 is 6445b616d8ed17efd8b263f78257caf3
Once downloaded with Chrome, the MD5 was different (it started with 2c....) and the setup was corrupted (error on some files like FreeImage.dll).
The md5 was different with Chrome only. If I downloaded with Edge or Firefox, the md5 was correct.
I updated Chrome and now the download is correct...

So the correct hashcodes are:

MD5       :  6445B616D8ED17EFD8B263F78257CAF3
SHA1      : 5A5C9DAE683B4165EE6502CCC8B2B7B2DE2683D5
SHA-256 : FB0605DFF4B92BCDA5CA0AF94204948E9E0BD6F0293E0CD1D0500C2CB2A4D36E


thanks, I downloaded it again today and now I got the proper file.
(btw, I never used chrome. I tried Ant download manager and firefox, but got the corrupt file...until today)


I downloaded it again today (with chrome every time) and it passed the MD5 and SHA. For me it wasn't an issue of upgrading chrome, since I left the session open from yesterday. Regardless of cause, I am glad to see things are working now.

Thanks for responding quickly, and thanks for the good work you guys do on Furmark.