Furmark 1.20 crash on windows 2012 R2?

Started by Berlin77, November 10, 2020, 11:05:33 AM

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the system have Windows 2012 R2 on a dual socket system.
1 1080TI  is installed SPAM LINK DELETED with CPU 1 and 1 1080TI is installed with CPU 2.

if the benchmark is running on:
                                     GPU1 on CPU1, no issue
                                     GPU1 on CPU2, furmark crash after 20 minutes.
if the GPU1 on CPU 1 is removed, the GPU1 on CPU 2 has no issue.



Not an easy-to-reproduce setup, I don't have a dual-cpu system.
Is there something interesting in the log file?


Which kind of crash?

"Blue screen of death" with reboot

Crash to desktop with popup "send error report to Microsoft..."

TDR crash with message "device has recovered..."


Stefan, Berlin77 was a spammer and has been deleted!