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Python 3.9.0 released
« on: October 06, 2020, 09:44:41 AM »
Python 3.9.0 is the newest feature release of the Python language, and it contains many new features and optimizations.

Major new features of the 3.9 series, compared to 3.8

- PEP 573, Module State Access from C Extension Methods
- PEP 584, Union Operators in dict
- PEP 585, Type Hinting Generics In Standard Collections
- PEP 593, Flexible function and variable annotations
- PEP 602, Python adopts a stable annual release cadence
- PEP 614, Relaxing Grammar Restrictions On Decorators
- PEP 615, Support for the IANA Time Zone Database in the Standard Library
- PEP 616, String methods to remove prefixes and suffixes
- PEP 617, New PEG parser for CPython
- BPO 38379, garbage collection does not block on resurrected objects;
- BPO 38692, os.pidfd_open added that allows process management without races and signals;
- BPO 39926, Unicode support updated to version 13.0.0;
- BPO 1635741, when Python is initialized multiple times in the same process, it does not leak memory anymore;
- A number of Python builtins (range, tuple, set, frozenset, list, dict) are now sped up using PEP 590 vectorcall;
- A number of Python modules (_abc, audioop, _bz2, _codecs, _contextvars, _crypt, _functools, _json, _locale, operator, resource, time, _weakref) now use multiphase initialization as defined by PEP 489;
- A number of standard library modules (audioop, ast, grp, _hashlib, pwd, _posixsubprocess, random, select, struct, termios, zlib) are now using the stable ABI defined by PEP 384.

- Python 3.9.0 for Windows 64-bit download @ Geeks3D
- All Python 3.9.0 downloads @
- What’s New In Python 3.9
- Python 3.9.0 is now available, and you can already test 3.10.0a1!

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