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RenderDoc 1.10 released
« on: September 18, 2020, 06:31:25 PM »
Version v1.10
 This release is primarily focussed on some optimisation and speed improvements, mostly during capture time while idle in the background but also applying to capturing in some cases and some improvements to replay speed. The amount of speedup you'll see will depend on your application's usage and API, but the worst cases before should be significantly improved. There are still some cases that remain to be improved in future.
Binary releases are available on with zip and installer for Windows and binary tarball for linux.
Main Highlights
  • Reduced idle overhead while injected into programs, while not actively capturing a frame.
    • All APIs have seen improvements, though some will see greater savings than others especially depending on API usage patterns. Modern APIs (D3D12/Vulkan) with high frequency API calls and command buffer recording will likely see bigger savings.
  • Improved speed of capturing a frame on Vulkan when GPU-local host-visible uncached memory is mapped.
  • Improved application startup time from cold.
  • Improved replay time for switching events for Vulkan captures with large numbers of descriptors bound with few actually used (i.e. 'bindless' type workflows).