PC crashing on the Furmark 1080 test but runs 720 test fine??

Started by AntonioFinn, August 10, 2020, 08:24:51 AM

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It's a Sapphire HD7950 3GB card that's 3 years old. The PSU is a Thermaltake 750W 80 Plus Gold which is 2 years old. All diagnostic software shows the general line power is where it should be, I know the RAM and CPU - both less than a year old - are fine as well. So it has to be the PSU or the vid card. When I'm playing something less intensive like Civ 5 I can play all night and no problems. When I play something intensive like Wolfenstein The New Order, et al. I can play for a while - times vary depending on grahpics intensity, say 15-60mins, and then the PC will just reset, post, and come back to 'Windows didn't shut down properly, blah blah blah.' After a rest I'll jump into the bios and look at temps, and everything is find for CPU and mobo. *** SPAM LINKS REMOVED ***

As stated it runs the 720 test fine, though it shows the GPU at around 69C and the fan only about 51%. When I launch the 1080 test it almost instantaneously resets. I've done it 4 times in a row now and it's been the same each time. So, does it sound like the PSU is the culprit? At least it's still under warranty. Unfortunately I don't have a spare or access to one and don't want to buy one to return it and get dinged a restock fee just to test it out. Would a good PC repair place be able to test the PSU for me? Also, if anyone has had to RMA a PSU to Thermaltake, any idea how long it takes?



Your Radeon HD 7950 may be died for old. But try your any other high-end videocard (eg: NV GeForce GTX 285 or 480 or 680.... ATi Radeon HD 4870 or 5870 or...) to check if GPU HD 7950 or PSU problem. ;)


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