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Started by makerbiles6, July 21, 2020, 08:44:14 AM

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I was hoping to mess around with GeeXLab on Linux, however I cant seem to get the menus to showup

i want to be able to quickly reload a file after I make some changes, and constantly having to change the sh script to load up the many different demo files is a pain.

Doing ./GeeXLab --help     dosent show anything

I can see references to switches like /no gui   /no menubar in the sh files

its probably very obvious but what am I not doing????

otherwise its an excellent program,and I think Ive got my head around the different files that make up a complete scene.

one last thing...    in all of the demos I couldnt find a single sample of a mouse click changing something
ive seen the mouse move /rotate the view  , but thats about it,  so if anyone can point me to a demo that takes a mouse click to change something, like a box from red to blue   , or whatever ,  please let me know

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On Linux, GeeXLab has no menu bar. The CTRL+R available on Windows is not yet available on Linux. But I will try to add this function soon.

Currently when I code demos on Linux, I use two techniques:
- drag and drop
- live-coding: I try to put most of the code that needs changes in a FRAME script that has live coding enabled. That way, no reload is required. You can have several FRAME scripts in the same demo, some with live-coding enabled, other without live-coding.

Code samples with mouse:

- OpenGL 2.1 demopack: look at the demo in the d13-drawing-letters-with-mouse/ folder.

- the camera lib in Lua. This lib can be found here {GeeXLab folder}/libs/lua/gx_cam_lib_v1.lua
  The  gx_cam_lib_v1 lib is used in mayn demos, like the d53-matcap-viewer/ of the OpenGL 2.1 demopack.

Hope that helps!