NVIDIA Vulkan 1.2.145 developer driver 451.74

Started by Stefan, July 10, 2020, 03:47:22 PM

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Windows driver version 451.74 and Linux driver version 450.56.01 contain newly released Vulkan features and bug fixes for Vulkan developers.

Windows 451.74
Linux 450.56.01Vulkan Beta Driver Release Updates
July 9th, 2020 - Windows 451.74, Linux 450.56.01

  • New:
  • Fixes:

    • Make the pSizes parameters of vkCmdBindVertexBuffers2EXT be relative to the pBuffers+pOffsets
    • Fixed potential crash in the first vkQueuePresentKHR() call after creating a new VkSwapchainKHR with a non-NULL oldSwapchain
    • Fixed potential crash in vkCmdBeginRenderPass() when using VK_EXT_sample_locations