Vulkan driver for the Raspberry Pi (Broadcom VideoCore IV)

Started by JeGX, June 22, 2020, 08:20:06 PM

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RPi-VK-Driver is a low level GPU driver for the Broadcom Videocore IV GPU that implements a subset of the Vulkan (registered trademark of The Khronos Group) standard. The implementation is not conformant to the standard (therefore it cannot be called a Vulkan driver, officially) but tries to follow it as closely as the hardware allows for it.

Compared to the available OpenGL drivers it offers superb speed including precise and predictable memory management and multi-threaded command submission. It also offers a wider feature set such as MSAA support, low level assembly shaders and performance counters. On the other hand it currently does not support GLSL shaders.

- RPi-VK-Driver repo @ github
- RPi-VK-Driver v1.0
- VkQuake3 running at 100+ FPS on a Raspberry Pi 3B+
- vkQuake3 v1.0

I tested this driver HERE.