Author Topic: Villa RealTime Demo in Esperient Creator 3.7  (Read 10024 times)

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Villa RealTime Demo in Esperient Creator 3.7
« on: July 09, 2009, 06:18:14 PM »
Hi guys
This is a personal realtime 3d demo build on commercial 3d engine known as Esperient Creator 3.7.
Goal for this demo is featuring quite a lot of realtime reflection and refraction applied which have been seen on glass and water in this architectural context.
Feel free to test and make a comment here.Have fun.

Video preview:

Demo link:

Demo Control tips:
Download and install "SetupEspViewer.exe"
Download "Villa_RealTime_Demo_EC3.7.esp" and place it to the same viewer installation directory which have "EspViewer.exe" file.As below

Run "EspViewer.exe" and specific with "Villa_RealTime_Demo_EC3.7.esp" file.
Choose screen resolution(16:9 would be recommended) and trun AA on(suggested)then just hit"Play Selected".

Logo on/off:Click right mouse button
control camera:Arrow up/down/left/right+Mouse
Key 1:Auto play exterior animation
Key 2:Auto play interior animation
Key I:Enter interior
Key O:Enter exterior(default)
Key P:Enable/Disable DOF
Key F10:Enable/Disable background music
Key F2:FPS on/off