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Started by Stefan, November 29, 2022, 10:03:09 PM

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Version v1.23

This release comes with a number of optimisations for Vulkan and D3D12 captures, especially those with 'bindless' style approaches with many resources bound and accessible at once. There should be a general improvement of performance across capture and replay, if you find that you are having problems with slowdown do please get in touch so that I can investigate since I can only work with what I'm aware of.
In this version is also full support for vulkan source-level shader debugging, from any compiler that can produce
NonSemantic.Shader.DebugInfo.100 debug annotations. On glslang this can be produced via the
-gVS switch, and on dxc with
-fspv-debug=vulkan-with-source. For more information consult your shader compiler's documentation.
As always binary builds with installers, zips and tarballs are available on