Entire list of furmark command line parameters

Started by telins, December 17, 2019, 07:58:30 PM

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Hello all, all I can find on the internet for an extensive list of furmark parameters is this list here:


This is from 2008. I see in each new version there's a couple new parameters added. Where is an extensive list of all of them?



Usually programs have a /help parameter. If not, search for a known text string.

In this case:
findstr "nogui" furmark.exe
Ignore the irrelevant texts before and after the parameters.


Thanks Stefan, I see all of the possible parameters now. My question now is there any documentation on them besides the ones that are included in the above link I provided? I figure there would be one central document that explains all of them.


I will write an up to date doc as soon as possible (with the next update of FurMark).