VR optics and why IPD means too many things

Started by JeGX, December 16, 2019, 04:35:38 PM

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Here's a bunch of things that people in the VR industry do know, but either forget they know, or find too complex to talk publicly about. As a result, they're very poorly understood in the public discussions, so I thought I'd try to share some of them. Be warned a few of the opinions are still somewhat contentious - not everyone will agree with some parts of this. That's in the nature of VR - nobody really knows how it works yet, certainly not me, so there will always be disagreement.

- http://tomforsyth1000.github.io/blog.wiki.html#%5B%5BVR%20optics%20and%20why%20IPD%20means%20too%20many%20things%5D%5D