GPU Issue

Started by Smoker12, July 19, 2022, 02:16:23 PM

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I recently purchased a Gigabyte 3070 ti Vision and installed it in my setup, however I am not seeing any display. Card blinks, fans whirl, but there is no display.

What I did was: shifted to a known-good GPU and the display appeared PSU cables switched, but no display Nothing happened when the HDMI and Displayport wires were switched. Nothing after updating the motherboard bios.

ASUS primo Z490-A Intel i7 10700F 3070 TI Vision + 2070 super build information (back up card) 16 GB T-Force 3200 MHz RAM and 1 TB and 2 TB 80+ Gold NVME SSDs

I'm about to RMA it since I'm at my wits' end and don't want to wait months.

Any assistance is much appreciated!


Try if the GPU works in some other PC's if you have the chance.

Otherwise visit a bigger community than here to find s.o. who had the same issue and solved it.
I recommend