Author Topic: pmfx-shader: cross platform shader system to target HLSL, GLSL, Metal and SPIR-V  (Read 1129 times)

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Cross platform shader compilation, with output reflection info, c++ header with shader structs, fx-like techniques and compile time branch evaluation via (uber-shader) "permutations".

A single file does all the shader parsing and code generation. Simple syntax changes are handled through macros and defines found in platform, so it is simple to add new features or change things to behave how you like. More complex differences between shader languages (such as Metals lack of global textures / buffers) are handled through code-generation.

pmfx currently supports a subset of shader functionality with features added on an as-needed basis, it has been used in a number of personal projects as well as some upcoming commercial projects so the feature set is fairly compehensive but by no-means complete.

This is a small part of the larger pmfx system found in pmtech, it has been moved into a separate repository to be used with other projects, if you are interested to see how pmfx shaders are integrated please take a look here.