video player on rasp pi 4 unable to load video

Started by achavy, September 04, 2019, 07:54:31 PM

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hi guys,

i try to run this on a raspi 4 :
i can't read water.mkv or other video
output of _geexlab_log.txt

19:04:36(0000122)       [info ] ./GeeXLab /demofile="./code_sample_pack/gl-30/audio-video-player/vplay_gl3.xml" /video="./code_sample_pack/gl-30/audio-video-player/data/water.mkv"
19:04:36(0000123)       [info ] ./code_sample_pack/gl-30/audio-video-player/data/water.mkv
19:04:36(0000124)       [info ] Unable to load the video ./code_sample_pack/gl-30/audio-video-player/data/water.mkv

ffmpeg is installed ... pls help :)


Just got my RPi 4 few days ago. I will test it asap and let you know.


I find forums saying that some features are not yet stable on the pi 4

i will try to run it on pi 3 if u have some issues for pi 4 ...


I managed to run the FFmpeg plugin on the RPi 4 + Raspbian Buster.  The next update of GeeXLab (0.29.1) will be available with the updated FFmpeg plugin.  I will update also the simple video player demo. I hope to release the new version in the next days.


You can try the new GeeXLab 0.29.1:

A video player demo is included in GeeXLab (demopack01/d30-video-player-ffmpeg/).
I tested it on latest Raspbian Buster + RPi 4.

Let me know.