How can I get Windows OpenGL version from command line

Started by macxcool, August 14, 2019, 07:08:34 PM

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Is there a way to get the OpenGL version output on the command line without having to click on a GUI? It's OK if a GUI appears as long as it disappears without user interaction. Can I use GeexLab (or something else) to do something like this?
I was using GPU Caps Viewer to export an XML file but it doesn't want to run on some of the computers I work with. I wonder if there's another possibility. Exporting a text file or XML file is good; I can parse that after the fact. I want to do this with a script, though, so no clicking at all.
Any suggestions are welcome.
Is there any way, for instance, to get gl-x to dump a file and then exit?



That might just work for me. Thanks. I didn't think of that. The Windows download comes with glewinfo.exe which seems to be exactly what I want!