OpenCL stress test? [Kombuster]

Started by impetus_maximus, June 14, 2019, 02:33:49 PM

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looking at this article
there is an OpenCL stress test. installing the latest version (Kombustor IV 64-bit) i'm not seeing any OpenCL tests.
tried older versions but still not there. Kombustor(v3) 64-bit wouldn't run on my system. (closes immediately) Win7 64bit, GT 730 (347.88)

was it removed?



The OpenCL test has not been removed... it has not been added (yet).
Kombustor v4 is new (even if it's a one-year old product) and I didn't have the time to put all tests of Kombustor v3 in the v4. The Plasma test (particles) is planned in a future update and I will do my best to add the OpenCL test too.


ah, ok. many thanks for the reply, and your work on Kombuster.