Games Will Leap Towards Photo-Realism With DirectX 11

Started by JeGX, September 18, 2009, 08:33:44 AM

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There are several key features in DirectX 11 that will make graphics on the screen look closer to reality. Tessellation is used to increase the polygon count in an image. The more polygons, the more realistic the image will look. Gone will be the days of blocky looking characters as the polygon count will increase significantly with the next generation of DirectX 11 hardware.

Multithreaded rendering will allow Direct3D processes to run across multiple CPU cores. Most games are using dual core CPUs, but multithreaded rendering will make gaming on triple and quad cores finally worth the cost. A faster processing pipeline and increased scaling are only some of the benefits.

DirectCompute allows access to the shader cores and pipeline. It allows for non-proprietary physics implementations, which some open-source physics projects are looking to take advantage of. Video transcoding will also take a significant leap due to access to the many processors on a modern GPU.