can someone help me interpret my fur mark results?

Started by avianne, May 13, 2019, 05:29:26 AM

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here is the link

Im trying to figure out if my graphics card is causing me to have extremely low fps in games. I have the same GTX 970 card as my husband but his computer doesn't get the fps drop rate I do. I'll get down to 4 - 50 max fps in Elder scrolls online and he gets anywhere from 50 to 100+
Any help would be appreciated  :)


Looks like the same issue I had with my MSI GTX 970. You probably have to update the GTX 970 vbios. Before the bios update, the score of the GTX 970 was 3335 points with FurMark P1080. After the bios update, the score jumped to nearly 4000 points which is the correct score for a GTX 970. Try to update your MSI card with MSI Live Update tool. Let us know.